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Understanding that partnership is essential in fighting the war against substance abuse, the Prevention Committee has partnered with various community agencies on a number of projects.  Together with Hobbs Municipal Schools, the Prevention Committee created a mentorship program where at-risk youth are matched with a caring mentor.


The Mission of the Intervention Committee is to work closely with the Prevention and Treatment Committees in a joint effort to rally the citizens of Lea County.  The purpose of this rally is to crush the environment and atmosphere that is currently enabling a large segment of the population to indulge and participate in the use of illegal drugs.


The Community Drug Coalition of Lea County has partnered with Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) to provide counseling, treatment and assessment as part of a treatment pilot program. In qualifying cases, the CDC of Lea County will provide payment for in-patient drug rehabilitation for Lea County residents.

If you or someone you know suffers from drug or alcohol abuse and would like more information about treatment, please contact Palmer Drug Abuse Program at (575) 397-6237 for help. Don’t wait another day to get treatment!


Office of National Drug Control

Partnership For a Drug-Free

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services

Palmer Drug Abuse Program

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